Name: Craig Harding

Age: 49

Occupation: Union Auto Worker

Bikes: Soulcraft Treehorn & Tradesman,Coarse Road, Meriwether CX

Q: How and when did you discover cycling?

A: In my neighborhood as a 10 year old all the older kids were riding bmx bikes on the trails they built at the end of the block. I just couldn’t resist wanting to jump as high as I was able to. Along with the speed of hitting the dirt trails with all the berms. I was hooked then started to race race bmx for a couple of years.

Q: Q: Has your inspiration to ride changed since then, and what is it now?

A: Not at all. Getting on the dirt still gives me those feelings of kid. Just the ability to clip in for a spin gives me a freedom of childhood while freeing my mind of the days events.

Q: How would you define your style of gravel riding?

A: That’s a difficult one to answer. When I started riding road bikes most of the surrounding area was gravel roads. The only available tire size was a700 x 23’s. Some 20yrs later I’m on a 650 x 40 now. So if I could think of a style it would be‘float like a butterfly & sting like a bee.’

Q: Describe an ideal day on the bike.

A: Going out to discover new roads then get completely lost to only find a gas station to grab a donut for recovery.

Q: What are some notable trips you’ve done to enjoy cycling?

A: Doing a truck camping trip specifically to hit all the best spots in coloRADo with my mtb. Going to the east coast to do a cx clinic hosted by Jeremy Powers. Exploring the backroads of NW Arkansas.

Q: What role does cycling play in your current lifestyle?

A: Having a three year old daughter has brought cycling full circle for me. Watching the joy it brings her reflects directly in the way it affects myself. Being on two wheels always my mind to be free of any worries that have accumulated over the day, week, or month. The friends I have met in cycling last a lifetime. Even if I haven’t seen them in years. We get on a bike and we get caught up with what has transpired since we last saw each other.

Q: You’re a Barnstormer Chapter Leader. What does that entail, and is there anything you hope to help other riders find within the club?

A: The ability to pass on some of my local knowledge of the area along with technical setups or tips. A true love of exploring backroads along with lasting friendships created by two wheels.

Q: Everyone who rides has something unique to offer. Do you know what you might offer, in that regard?

A: Years of experience racing & riding along with years as bike mechanic to help those out that need it.