Name: Rich Fish aka @brownbearcycles

 Age: 48 trips around the sun

Occupation: I sell car parts and spin wrenches on bikes part time.
Bikes: Let’s just say I am a strong believer of N+1, but for simplicity let’s say 3rd generation Salsa War Bird.
Q: How did you discover cycling?
A: My good friend Eddie Karow got me to love bikes in my late 30’s and helped turn me on to this crazy thing called gravel.
Q: How has your inspiration changed?
A: I wouldn’t say changed but perhaps matured over the years. Any time on a bike is a good time and thru the years the pain and suffering one endures at times has gotten to be enjoyable as well
Q: How would you define your style of gravel riding?
A: Picture a semi truck and trailer with the song East bound and down from Smokey and the Bandit playing in the background. A little slower on the up hills , crazy fast on the down hills and the motor that keeps going for days no matter what the conditions.
Q: Describe your ideal day on the bike.
A: Ideal day on the bike would be riding 100 miles uncharted gravel in the spring or fall with my closest friends followed by libations and a feast at a  local recommended establishment.
Q: What does being a Chapter Leader entail?
A: Sharing the love and passion I have with others. Showing and helping those who may have doubts that they are more than capable to conquer challenges and more importantly the fact that anybody of any age, body type or level of fitness can go out and share a bond with others and experience what gravel and bicycling has to offer.
Q: What unique qualities do you bring to cycling and the Barnstormers?
A: I look at myself as the anti role model model of cycling . You don’t have to be 145lbs soaking  and a perfect specimen of fitness to enjoy the sport or to be accepted in the community. I believe I am living proof of that.
Q: What role does cycling play in your life?
A: Simple. It keeps me sane and allows me to stay true to myself.