Name:  Doug Cline

Age:  46

Occupation:  Chef

Bikes:  a revolving door of two wheeled goodness

Q: When and how did you discover cycling?

A: I always explored on two wheels as a kid.  After high school sports I needed an athletic escape and the rediscovered bikes in college with friends and have carried it on as a lifestyle.

Q: Has your inspiration to ride changed since then, and what is it now?

A: My early bike life was competitive fitness driven. Now I enjoy sharing my love for the freedom and community that bikes bring.   

Q: How would you define your style of gravel riding?

A: “Hey! I wonder where that road goes!?”

Q: Describe an ideal day on the bike.

A: Grabbing a group of friends or new friends and heading out to explore with great conversations and snacks. Always good snacks.  Ending at someones back porch grilling with some tasty beverages.

Q: What are some notable trips you’ve done to enjoy cycling?

A: Riding California highway 1 from Santa Cruz to Cambria with a group of friends.  So awesome to explore the coast line and fun pushing each other (mentally  and literally).

Q: You’re a Barnstormer Chapter Leader. What does that entail, and is there anything you hope to help other riders find within the club?

A: I want riders of all types and skills learning about a life long sport, exploring our diverse southeast area, creating bike awareness and developing community together that will spread the good news of bikes.

Q: Everyone who rides has something unique to offer. Do you know what you might offer, in that regard?

A: Willingness to enjoy the ride, whether it’s fast, slow, short, long or cruising the hood with the dog.  Let’s just ride!

Q: What role does cycling play in your current lifestyle?

A: We’ve lived in different bike cultures across the united states from biking heaven Santa Cruz, CA to the emerging bike communities of the Southeast.  Our family always looks for bike opportunities no matter where we are.  Bikes are always alive at our house, Saturday morning group rides, my daughters riding in NICA #morekidsonbikes, our nightly vacation cruises for ice cream blasting ’80’s tunes, taking the 3 mile ride to get tacos at out local favorite instead of driving or helping our neighbors pick out their first bike.  We simply love bikes!