Name: Matt Cusack

Age: 40

Occupation: Middle School Teacher 

Bikes: Road, Cross, and TT 

When and how did you discover cycling?

A: Growing up I spent most of my free time on two wheels but it was later in life it became competitive. While being an alpine climber I bought a friends bike to get fitter for long mountain approaches but feel in love with the bike again. After that with every pedal stoke I got deeper in love with cycling.

Q: Has your inspiration to ride changed since then, and what is it now?

A: At first was to ride to be fit for off the bike activities but now it’s about racing my bike and enjoying the journey. But the ability to go out my door for 100+ miles with friends is awesome.

Q: How would you define your style of gravel riding?

A: Risks are on the uphill 😉

Q: Describe an ideal day on the bike.

A: 5-6 hrs mix of gravel and road with fiends and good treats.

Q: What are some notable trips you’ve done to enjoy cycling?

A: Don’t it too seriously, easy to say but when you do it can take the fun out of it and feel forced. With so much tech out there it’s easy to be a slave to the numbers.
Q: You’re a Barnstormer Chapter Leader. What does that entail, and is there anything you hope to help other riders find within the club?

A: To help people enjoy their first ride or 1000th! For me I want to help riders of all abilities and goals to meet them while having a BLAST!

Q: Everyone who rides has something unique to offer. Do you know what you might offer, in that regard?

A: Food! I was a chef so I have lots of fun recipes and other food fun stuff to talk about . If your lucky I’ll bring homemade treats!
Q: What role does cycling play in your current lifestyle?
A: It centers me.