Adventure riding is addictive in the State that brought us craft brewing. Lewis and Clark found their way their way to the Pacific Ocean through what is now called the Columbia River Gorge in 1805. Riding a bike through the Gorge, around Crater Lake or through any of the mountains and valleys that makeup the Oregon countryside is a feast for the memories. The Barnstormers have planted their stake here with a pair of Chapter Leaders who can help you plot your adventure.

Richard Pool AKA Bicyclecrumbs

Chapter Leader - Portland, OR

Read Richard’s Chapter Leader Interview.

Matty Cusack

Chapter Leader - Spokane, WA

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Hugging the Pacific Ocean and forming a Northern boundary of the United States, Washington has a lot to offer adventurous riders. Olympic National Park and the San Juan Islands are common attractions but one needn’t travel far to intersect seemingly endless gravel routes. Mt. Saint Helens and the Ring of Fire await your pedal strokes. The Barnstormers represent here and aim to form full squadrons.


You don’t have to eat lobster after long rides through Maine but you probably should. The Atlantic coastline may only be 230 miles from Kittery to Lubec as the crow flies, but it’s – get this – 3,478 miles of curvaceous tidal shoreline. In the U.S., only Alaska, Florida and Louisiana have more. Imagine what that means for the riding. That’s just coastline, and no doubt the Barnstormer will find more roads-less-traveled inland than they could cover in a 50 year adventure career. 

James Whelan

Chapter Leader - Westbrook, ME

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With three Chapter Leaders in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the Barnstormers know the riches Minnesota has on offer. It only takes one visit to the eccentric cycling city of Minneapolis to catch the contagious enthusiasm of the cycling culture, here – and what abounds in it’s less inhabited spaces.

Jeff Henkemeyer

Chapter Leader - Minneapolis, MN

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Josh Coder

Chapter Leader - Minneapolis, MN

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Rich Fish

Chapter Leader - Minneapolis, MN

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Grant Clarkson

Chapter Leader - Lower Peninsula, MI

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Ryan McGovern

Chapter Leader - Kenosha, WI

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Michael Robertson

Chapter Leader - Boston, MA

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Mike Nichols

Chapter Leader - Palatine, IL

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Shannon Petitjean

Chapter Leader - Western Shore, MD

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Ryan Garcia

Chapter Leader - San Luis Obispo, CA

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Doug Cline

Chapter Leader - Anderson, SC

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Robert Craven

Chapter Leader - Tustin, CA

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Laura Rice

Chapter Leader - Hendersonville, NC

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Megan Baxter

Chapter Leader - Raleigh, NC

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Marc O'Leary

Chapter Leader - Plainfield, IN

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Russell Bainbridge

Chapter Leader - Fort Worth, TX

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Craig Harding

Chapter Leader - Kansas City, MO

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