Shane Cooper

Founding General

When Shane founded DeFeet in 1992, he combined his love for cycling with an already vast knowledge of hosiery. He was an innovator with all the markings of an entrepreneur before the word became vogue. Born in England, the Cooper family moved to the United States when Shane was four, eventually settling in North Carolina. After more than 27 years of business, Shane sits at the helm of DeFeet and loves the work. Those who’ve worked or ridden with Shane know he doesn’t shy away from the task at hand.

His influences have come from a range of interests that have included playing bass in many bands, skiing, International travel and vintage automobiles. Shane enjoys driving his Morgan 4 that is featured in the DeFeet film ‘The Bottle Runner’ and a 2001 Audi S4. He continues to add to an impressive bicycle collection that didn’t start out as vintage but of course, time has changed that. Immersing himself in such pursuits has kept him grounded in history, something Shane places a lot of value in.

With the Barnstormers Adventure Cycling Club, Shane has helped create a foundation that points toward a higher meaning. The evolution of the gravel bike has opened up new routes. The versatility that has been created through advancements in gearing, braking, frame design and wheel and tire choices mean aspiring new riders can head toward new horizons, together.

Hope Cooper

Founding General

Integral to the backbone of DeFeet, Hope has been involved since day one. At the time, she was following a career path in physical therapy, but cycling had already become her number one pursuit. Hope’s results on the bike over the years prove her caliber. Anyone who’s ridden with her could vouch for that, but chances are they are more likely to talk about the character traits that make her so pleasant to have on a ride. As far as the Barnstomers are concerned, that goes a lot further, too.

Growing up in a small town near the North Carolina coastline, Hope took to sports early on. Basketball came naturally to her and she still enjoys the game.

For Hope, ensuring the Barnstormers Adventure Cycling Club becomes a great option for women with cycling is the objective. The Barnstormers is part of a healthy two-wheeled lifestyle, and that also means having plenty of women enjoying the roads less traveled.

Paul Willerton

Founding General

Paul describes cycling as a window through which he interprets the world. With four decades of riding experience and a vast array of relationships built over that time, he’s a pillar of support within the Barnstormers.

After a life so entwined in the racing aspect, it would have been easy to imagine Paul behind the wheel of a team car or assembling professional teams. He chose the roads less traveled, instead, developing new skills and interests.

The Barnstormers Adventure Cycling Club is a natural extension of what Paul calls the “two-wheeled lifestyle”.  He sees the Barnstormers as a meeting place where others can enrich their own cycling lives. Share words, photos and video, learn from others experiences and build a collective knowledge base.